"OM SAI HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE" established in 17 Oct. 2010. The Hospital has a full-fledged Emergency Department, Outpatient Consultation rooms, Advance ICU, Advance NICU, Labor Room, Endoscopy Room and Day Surgery Unit. This Hospital the Founder Members are - Dr. Vikash Raman and Dr. Archana Sinha & the Associates Member are - Dr. C.D. Ram, Dr. N.K. Modi, Dr. S.K. Das and Dr. Avinash Kumar. We have treated more than 10,000 Patients. The Diagnostic centre features Advanced Laboratory and Imaging equipments like X-Ray & Ultrasound. The Hospital offers both Inpatient and Outpatient care which covers a wide range of Medical & Surgical Specialities. All the Departments are manned with experienced staff providing accurate reliable and prompt care quality services.


Vision :                            
                "OM SAI HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE" is committed to the highest levels of Patient Satisfaction, health care and staff and patient safety. This Hospital is dedicated to the building of a healthy, equitable society, thus contributing to the development of the nation.

History :  






Mission :                    1. To Provide multidimensional comprehensive medical care to strengthen the Preventive, Promotive, Curative, Emergency and Rehabilitative services including Education & Training in Medical, Paramedical and Support facility.

                    2.  The Hospital also has the mandate to undertake Medical Research towards the improvement of health outcomes.

                     3.  To be a community partner in the pursuit to maintain state of wellness through  Medical awareness campaigns and helth check-up keeping in mind that prevention is better than cure.

                  4.  To assure, monitor and upgrade quality management of services focusing on Patient Safety and Satisfaction with a firm belief that there is no finishing line in the journey for excellence in health care.

                 5.  To serve as a torch - bearer model of health care in the Country by amalgamating the skills and structure of Academic Universities, Clinical and Research acumen of the Super - Specialists and the managerial skills of the corporate world.