Om Sai Hospital & Research Centre Emergency & Trauma Care Unit work 7x24x365 days. Most modern set-up is fully equiped with trained staff, round the clock doctors and techniques to handle any medical emergency. The following emergencies are being handled on a regular basis with a very high success rate :
                                                                1. Road Accidents
                                                                2. Acute Cardiac Conditions / Syndromes
                                                                3. Vascular Catastrophes
                                                                4. Cerebro - Vascular accidents
                                                                5. Acute respiratory emergencies
                                                                6. Acute Abdominal problems
                                                                7. Life threateming injuries
                                                                8. Acute Poisonings and Snake bites
                                                                9. Acute Endocrine emergencies
                                                                10. Heat stroke and cold injuries
                                                                11. Acute renal failure
                                                                12. Severe life threateming infections

                               Critical Care comprises of 3 Cardiac Critical Unit bed, 4 Intensive Therapy Unit bed, 2 High Dependency Unit bed and 2 Cardiac Thoracic Vascular Surgery Unit bed which are monitored 24 hours with in house Consultants, Intensivist, Paramedical Staff, Nurses. Other support staff, life saving equipment and 24 hours monitoring as per best class Standards.


                                             Cath Lab supports all Cardiac invasive as well as train invasive procedures. Our team of most experienced Cardiac Interventionist Consultants conduct angiographies, angioplasties, Valvuloplasty, etc. on a regular basis at most reasonable rates.

                                                                             Our State - of - the -art, most modern OT wing consists of 1 General O.T. and 1 Lap O.T. Any emergency surgery can be conducted round the clock.

                                          Apart from Critical Car Ambulance, 1 another Ambulance are available in the Hospital. Free Ambulance is provided to neighbourhood as well as accidents patients 7x24x365 days.

                                              Om Sai Hospital & Research Centre Pathology, Radiology, Cardiology Diagnostic departments are open 24 hours to conduct any investigation at any time. Instant as well as most reports are made available on the same day of investigation. Diagnostic departments are equipped with the latest equipments, trained technicians and consultants.

                                        Om Sai Hospital & Research Centre Pharmacy is open 24hours and caters to indoor as well as outdoor patients. Free home delivery service is available for neighbours as well as Sr. Citizens.

                                Om Sai Hospital & Research Centre provides Day Care facilities for a large number of Cases including Short Surgical Procedures of various Specialities. Patients availing of Day Care facilities do not have to get admitted in the wards. They can come to the Hospital on the day of the therapy / procedure in the morning and can be discharged on the same day.

                       *  Obstetrics & Gynaecology
                       *  General Medicine ( Cardiology )
                       *  Paediatrics & Neonatology
                       *  General Surgery
                       *  Orthopedics
                       *  ENT
                       *  Ophthalmology
                       *  Oncology & Onco - Surgery
                       *  Plastic Surgery

                                       The Radiology section provides facilities for investigations such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, Special X-Ray, CT Scan, etc. These services are available round the clock for both Indoor as well as Outdoor patients. The department include State - of - the - art X - Ray and Portable X - Ray machines, USG equipment and CT Scanner from world leaders in medical equipment like Siemens, GE and Philips. Report generation is fully Computerized and is available immediately.

                                                    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Om Sai Hospital & Research Centre is a well established neonatal service with specialist Medical and Neurological treatment providing intensive care, high dependency care, special care and transitional care for Hundred of Babies each year.

                                                                This State - of - the - art 4 Bed ICU have a 2 channel central monitoring system with continuous multi - parameter recording facilities, Ventilators with the most advanced features provision for temporary Pacemaker implantation.

                                      More than 1000 tests are performed round-the-clock with the help of sophisticated instruments such as Auto Analyzer and Sodium Potassium Analyzer. The BACTEC 9050 speeds up blood culture & sensitivity tests and bring down the reporting time from the usual 72 - 96 hours to below 30 hours.

              1. - ICU 
                  - Vantilator
                  - Cardiac Monitor
                  - Central Oxygen Line
                  - Infussion Pump

              2. NICU -
                  L.E.D Phototherpy
                  Radint Warmer
                  Well Equiped Operation

              3. Special feature of Delivery

              4. General Ward

              5. 24 Hours Resident Doctor

              6. 24 Hours Generator

              7. 24 Hours Consultant on call
              8. ECG. X-Ray

              9. Pathology 24 Hours